We give
a sh*t.

Young People Who Give a Sh*t is a collective of young Sudburians working together to improve Greater Sudbury through advocacy, collaboration, and community engagement.


what we give a sh*t about


Mental Health & Wellbeing

We’re connecting with local agencies to provide much-needed support for existing initiatives through volunteering, awareness, and education with a focus on mental health, safe injection sites and homelessness in Greater Sudbury.



Young people want to live in a city where their voices are heard. We want young people to realize the power they hold by voting for elected officials that will build a road map for success. When election season has passed, we want young people to collaborate with their local politicians to create a forward-thinking city.


Public Beauty

Greater Sudbury has made great strides in creating a city that embraces public art. We want to continue this momentum to build smart and preserve our historical buildings while saturating the city with new architecture, theatre, public installations, public art, design, and cultural experiences that will engage the public to interact differently with our city.



Getting from point A to point B is a challenge that affects everyone in our city. We want to advocate for all road users, and support the development and maintenance of a transportation network that is safe, inclusive and effective.


Urban Living

The success of our city stems from the success of our urban neighbourhoods. We envision neighbourhoods where products and services are a short walk from your doorstep. Achieving this vision means addressing affordable quality housing for seniors, families, the disabled and youth. Which in turn will grow the density of our thriving, vibrant, and whole neighbourhoods.


Economic Growth

Greater Sudbury has a thriving business community with many talented and innovative entrepreneurs. Our collective is proud to support local businesses, ethically sourced food, and tourism. We want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow in a stable local economy.