Denis Ferron

What's your name?

Denis Ferron

What area are you running in?

Ward 10

What is one thing you would do to encourage more young adults to live in Greater Sudbury?

Providing more affordable housing close to downtown for those with no vehicles to be able to use a transit service more efficiently.

How would you address homelessness and addictions in Greater Sudbury?

Get a program together to get them good jobs and suitable affordable housing. Addiction treatment centres we have in place need volunteers and help because the problem is getting out of control.

If you were to create your own public art policy for Greater Sudbury, what are three things you would include?

  1. local artist

  2. art gallery

There’s been no major private sector investment in the downtown core for years. Why do you think that is and how would you change it?

To build in the downtown is a challenge, i worked on projects in the downtown. The junction creek runs through town and under Paris, the ground around it is unstable and costly to excavate and build a solid foundation. Some older buildings need to come down to make room for new ones and the parking issue still is a problem . Last year at ribfest many motorists paid expensive tickets when boots where placed on their vehicles at private parking lots, this frustrates many people.

If given the chance, would you renegotiate the ward system in Greater Sudbury? Elaborate why.

I would not go with less than 10 councillors and 1 mayor, because a small group would control too much on the decisions made, a small change like 2 less i would agree too

Greater Sudbury’s environment is a work in progress. What would you do to keep our water clean, our trees healthy, and air fresh?

We all have to work together to achieve this and get the message out .

What would you do to foster a healthy business sector throughout Greater Sudbury?

Change the way building permits are obtained, so much frustration by many business and developers as well as citizens on this complicated and long expensive process that discourages growth.

If you had to choose 5 emojis to describe your platform what would they be?


Ward 10Young People