Bill Sanders

What's your name?

Bill Sanders

What area are you running in?


What is one thing you would do to encourage more young adults to live in Greater Sudbury?

LISTEN! There is a disconnect with the youth of Sudbury. I want them to have a greater voice at the table. But more importantly LISTEN to what they have to say. An annual youth conference for all of Northern Ontario hosted by Sudbury.

How would you address homelessness and addictions in Greater Sudbury?

The Social Planning council is a group of incredibly intelligent people who already address homelessness and addictions as well as a host of other issues within our vulnerable communities. The priorities of this council need to be the priorities of the city council.

If you could start over with roads in Greater Sudbury, how would you develop the transportation network to improve quality of life?


If you were to create your own public art policy for Greater Sudbury, what are three things you would include?

Easy. Programs for elementary. Programs for secondary and Programs for post secondary. People who grow up with a rich exposure to the arts become adults you will support and enrich the arts community. It is imperative. I grew up in St. Catharines and spent a lot of my wonder years at the Stratford and Shaw festival as well as going to see plays and concerts at Brock University. Thats why I love the arts today. Thats why I became an arts professional

There’s been no major private sector investment in the downtown core for years. Why do you think that is and how would you change it?

There is none because the city has made it unattractive to invest in Sudbury. The red tape and bullshit is endless. Why open up shop here when there are literally hundreds of other towns who will bend over backwards to get the business. We need to bend over.

If given the chance, would you renegotiate the ward system in Greater Sudbury? Elaborate why.

Hey if it was up to me I would deamalgamate (if that is a word). The hamlets are not happy. We have heard it loud and clear. Its seems to me that the system does not work. The system used to work before amalgamation. Why cant we go back to that.

Greater Sudbury’s environment is a work in progress. What would you do to keep our water clean, our trees healthy, and air fresh?

We need to have a greater commitment to this process and expand it to all of Norther Ontario.

What would you do to foster a healthy business sector throughout Greater Sudbury?

Look for the gaps. For example Toronto film studios are jammed. Lets partner with these film studios to build real solutions for the film industry and become Hollywood North of North. We need to exploit our geographical location and do not under any circumstances let Ford halt the four-laning of highway 69.

If you had to choose 5 emojis to describe your platform what would they be?

πŸ”₯ 🎭 🐻 😊 πŸ‘

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