Jeff Huska

What's your name?

Jeff Huska

What area are you running in?


What is one thing you would do to encourage more young adults to live in Greater Sudbury?

I would promote the 330 lakes, the amazing trails and the healthy family environment we enjoy here in Greater Sudbury. Its unique and breathtaking to anyone who loves the outdoors and the endless possibilities of things to do in any of the 4 seasons.

How would you address homelessness and addictions in Greater Sudbury?

As a healthcare worker, a past member of the board at United Way and as a present member of the board at Public Health Sudbury and Districts I see and hear of the ongoing issues with homelessness and addictions. I would work with our community partners to try and eliminate this. Also studies show that LGBTQ2SA youth represent 25-40% of the homeless youth and that there is a need for specialized housing requirements to protect them from discrimination and bullying often found in shelters.

If you could start over with roads in Greater Sudbury, how would you develop the transportation network to improve quality of life?

First and foremost our roads would be built better. Secondly if I could have started from scratch I'd have incorporated a grid pattern allowing for at least one more north/south line and one more east/west line. Having said that Winnipeg has to me the best system ever. Its a complete circle surrounding the city and you simply get on and get off wherever and whenever. Works amazing and reduces city traffic and congestion.

If you were to create your own public art policy for Greater Sudbury, what are three things you would include?

I would like to see provisions in place providing a wide range of
public art opportunities for a diversity of artists, from but not limited to
local, francophone and Indigenous groups. I would like to insure there is a variety of opportunities for public input and involvement. I would like to see that here is something in place insuring every Ward and possibly every community must take it's turn and benefit from relevant public art displayed in their areas.

There’s been no major private sector investment in the downtown core for years. Why do you think that is and how would you change it?

I'd build and strategically place a minimum of 2 parking facilities in the downtown core that allows for overnight parking and free evenings and weekends. Parking is the biggest issue everyone hears about but no one at City Hall is willing to address. I'd love the opportunity in summer months to shut down traffic on Durham Street and allow shops, restaurants and bars the opportunity to utilize the space. I'd work with the police to clean up a lot of the issues surrounding the downtown core.

If given the chance, would you renegotiate the ward system in Greater Sudbury? Elaborate why.

OMG yes! I'd have less wards possibly 8-9 and the layout would be like a bike wheel with 8-9 spokes. Distance between each spoke is a ward so they all have a piece of downtown and continue moving outwards to our municipal border. Then I'd have 3-4 Councillors at large representing the entire city. Then and only then will you see less bickering between wards and more progress as a city.

Greater Sudbury’s environment is a work in progress. What would you do to keep our water clean, our trees healthy, and air fresh?

I'm on the City's Watershed Advisory Panel and would want the findings of the Ramsey Lake Subwatershed study implemented. I'd increase the number of bike paths including some to and from the Valley, Garson, Lively etc. I'd add in car pool areas in the outlying communities reducing car traffic. I'd revamp the transit routes and offer more express routes.

What would you do to foster a healthy business sector throughout Greater Sudbury?

I'd cut the red tape at city hall and open our doors for business. I'd work with them not against them. I'd be asking new businesses what can we do to get you up and running as soon as possible. I'd allow for development charges (if any) to be paid out over a specific predetermined amount of time instead of one lump sum to reduce the cash burden on new businesses.

If you had to choose 5 emojis to describe your platform what would they be?


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