Fern Cormier

What's your name?

Fern Cormier

What area are you running in?

Ward 10

What is one thing you would do to encourage more young adults to live in Greater Sudbury?

Continue to encourage economic development / job creation. People will go where opportunity exists.

How would you address homelessness and addictions in Greater Sudbury?

While we have made significant investments into our homelessness network and supported the creation of the harm reduction program there is much more to do. We need to continue to advocate for better programs and more funding. The wait time for recovery programs for example, especially in Northern Ontario, is too long and we need to continue to advocate to the senior levels of government for increased funding for these programs.

If you could start over with roads in Greater Sudbury, how would you develop the transportation network to improve quality of life?

I would have had a larger focus on public transit. We will be seeing new enhanced services come on-line in the new year but I would have liked to see this done many years ago.

If you were to create your own public art policy for Greater Sudbury, what are three things you would include?

That it be representative of where we live whenever possible (reflect our natural environment). That it reflect the diverse make-up of our community. That local artists be encouraged to participate in all public art projects the city undertakes.

There’s been no major private sector investment in the downtown core for years. Why do you think that is and how would you change it?

The downtown business district has seen many challenges; especially in the retail sector over the years. I believe this has led to a lack of confidence. I have championed and will continue to support funding initiatives that are designed to incentivize private sector development. Recently we approved a new downtown Community Improvement Plan that includes incentives for the private sector to develop in the core. I would most like to see additional residential development be a focus.

If given the chance, would you renegotiate the ward system in Greater Sudbury? Elaborate why.

There is a review of the current government structure scheduled for the next term of Council. I supported doing this and will look forward to the results of the review. I do believe it is time to review the ward make-up and boundaries. There are some wards that have a large rural/core split and that is one issue that is worth exploring in order to see if it is working as well as it could.

Greater Sudbury’s environment is a work in progress. What would you do to keep our water clean, our trees healthy, and air fresh?

Moving forward with the results of the watershed studies will be critical for protecting our water and water ways. I have, and will continue, seeking strict rules and regulations when development applications come before Council or Planing Committee. Ensuring proper storm water management and environmental protections need to be considered in all planning applications.

What would you do to foster a healthy business sector throughout Greater Sudbury?

I will continue to work on the "red tape" issues at city hall and keep an open door policy for the business sector. Some progress has been made but there is still more we can do in this regard and I am committed to advancing the work we have started on this.

If you had to choose 5 emojis to describe your platform what would they be?


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