Kevin Lalonde

What's your name?

Kevin Lalonde

What area are you running in?

Ward 11

What is one thing you would do to encourage more young adults to live in Greater Sudbury?

Young people bore easy, the city has to be active and vibrant year round while trying to bring new jobs in both industry sectors and expanding are existing industries the entertainment industry has to take the forefront with young families with children. There is already a lot to do in this city for them but a water park and the up and coming air park would be great assets to achieving this.

How would you address homelessness and addictions in Greater Sudbury?

Lot's of reasons for homelessness from just down on luck to mental health and addictions. There is definitely a need for a bigger push for a better rehab facility in this city as the problem grows. There is a need for group homes and assisted living centers. Municipalities can't do this alone however just to costly. Partnering with upper tiers of government are essential for success.

If you could start over with roads in Greater Sudbury, how would you develop the transportation network to improve quality of life?

Hypothetical question. Right from scratch? Unlimited funds? And purely hypothetical, rigid roads for main arterial class one roads, all secondary roads would have at least raised curbs and side walks with raised bicycle lane. Street cars in the downtown core with all parking lots moved to the outside skirts of the core.

If you were to create your own public art policy for Greater Sudbury, what are three things you would include?

Art policy I would definitely need guidance with. I would like public art to be only developed by born in Sudbury artists. I would like to establish graffiti parks in Sudbury, hopefully save a lot of the city some tagging. And I would like to see the arts like theater, symphony all incorporated under one roof like a synergy center so it can be viable to cost efficient to patrons and taxpayers alike

There’s been no major private sector investment in the downtown core for years. Why do you think that is and how would you change it?

Bad management for the downtown core has made it a mishmash of thrown in enterprises scattered around. While that may be how the downtown BIA and the DVDC want to define the downtown and call it being unique. Developers and land owners base their investments on what other surrounding developers and land owners are doing. If there was a clear message and direction from these groups to say we want the downtown to be Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals. Maybe developer interest would be there.

If given the chance, would you renegotiate the ward system in Greater Sudbury? Elaborate why.

Yes, but the wards are geographically challenged but I think we could do 10 wards and 2 at large councillors.

Greater Sudbury’s environment is a work in progress. What would you do to keep our water clean, our trees healthy, and air fresh?

Our city's policy has really improved since 2006. Even our industry has been ever so conscious of what is vital in this aspect. That being said we keep striving and having discussions on things we feel are sensitive to our environment and try to effect change in what we can realistically can control. With that being said certain committees need to meet more than once every 3 months.

What would you do to foster a healthy business sector throughout Greater Sudbury?

Councils can only set the table for business to flourish we can remove some red tape, cut or eliminate some fees to foster a friendly business environment. Bringing in new business and industry into the community requires us to utilize promotional campaigning and we have to web base this type of promotional campaigning.

If you had to choose 5 emojis to describe your platform what would they be?

Not yours that's for sure. That would get me in trouble.

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